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Bessemer County Bail Bonds

If you have a friend or family member arrested by the Bessemer County sherrif , please call 888-697-8898 to begin the bail bond process or to just discuss your available options. The facility will house a defendant until thier first court date. Bail can be posted as soon as an inmate has been booked in and fully processed.  Check out How Bail Works for a detailed explanation on obtaining a bail bond for this facility.

Feel free to call the detention facility to obtain the available bail information, or you can call us and we are more than happy to call on your behalf. We have years of experience and can help you make sense of it all quickly.  If you call yourself be ready to give the full legal name of the defendant and date of birth. Be sure to write down the "booking number" the jail will give you. This is how the jail system identifies thier numerous inmates.

Bail can be posted 24 hours a day and typically takes a couple hours for a defendant to be released once a bail bond has been posted. Call us toll free at 888-697-8898 to begin the process.

If you choose not to post a bail bond for the defendant he or she will then be awaiting there arraignment date. This is typically 2 business days after they are arrested. From that point it is up to the court as to when the defendant may be released or sentanced for a longer period. Please note that we are not attorneys and are not able to give you legal advice regarding your case. 

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